Ending One Chapter & Beginning Another

I’m finally breaking the silence. Hey there!

I know I’ve been away for a bit, but I took some time to complete my mid-year personal and professional check-in. Admittedly, this took me longer than I was planning, but it couldn’t have played out any better than it has!

This “little” check-in turned into a bigger deal than I thought!

Here’s a little peek into my brain: 

I have been in love with this project for the last three years, but much like life, we evolve, we change, and we grow. I’ve decided to run with my gut feeling and make a business pivot!

For a little background, The Sassy Girl Project was inspired by a product I designed about four years ago. This product was a game-changer for me, but I didn’t quite have it how I wanted it. Growing and learning through The Sassy Girl Project, I have been able to perfect this product and designs a few others.

With that being said, I want to take a moment here and THANK YOU for your support.

I couldn’t have gotten here without you. Between sharing my posts, sharing ideas with me, and purchasing SG merchandise, I am finally in a position to execute my next journey….PLURNAL. 

I would love to have your continued support of my new business venture – PLURNAL, your ultimate planning space. Plurnal is a combined planner and journal that will take you to new beginnings and huge accomplishments. Plurnal will be a full line of stationery items to help you through your journey of life. 

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I can’t thank you enough for reading the blog and always supporting me and The Sassy Girl Project.

The Sassy Girl Project got me through college and developed me into the woman I am today. With a heavy heart but also overwhelming excitement, I am saying goodbye.

I hope to see you at Plurnal soon!

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