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I want you to try these 3 steps to reconnect your mind and body. You ready?

Our schedules all feel a little different these days and sometimes we feel sooo disconnected, am I right?

I wake up feeling unrested, tight, sore, and unbalanced. I know I can’t be the only one still not adjusted to quarantine life/adjusting back to “normal” life?!

Although I brought up that overused Q-word, I don’t want you to think you can’t use these three steps to reconnect whenever you want! No one but you gets to decide that. You, your mind, and your body (we will get to soul another time) need this, sis.

I created a free download for you to use to get yourself back into motion, back in sync. These quick three steps to reconnect will bring you into the moment and remind you to be here and now.

Writer’s block? This will help. Can’t figure out a calculation? This will help. Mad at your partner? This WILL help. 

Please, take a moment and be open to the three steps :

Step 1: Move your body – shake it out. 

Hear me out…I want you to literally shake your body. Every part of it. Animals naturally shake their bodies under stress to relieve tension and relax, and we should take note. You might feel a little crazy at first, but once you get over yourself you will LOVE the results.

Turn on some music and shake, babe!

Step 2: Find stillness and identify.

After your shake, find some stillness. Stand still, lie down, or sit. Start in your toes and work your way up to your face. Where are you clenching? Focus on that area and release it. Give that part of your body permission to relax. 

Step 3: Write down a word | Say a word

After all of this movement and stillness you will find an overwhelming feeling. Create a word for this feeling and write it down in CAPITAL LETTERS on a piece of paper. Read it three times in your head or out loud. Accept the word and continue on with your day. 

These three steps might seem a little out there, but sometimes we need something a little out there to bring us back to here and now.

Have fun, relax, and find peace!

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