Pssst, hey girl, I want to share a lil secret with you…

You have the choice to be HAPPY.

Yes, you might be thinking that it sounds silly to make the choice or to think you have the power to make that choice. Most of you are probably saying, Sammie, how in the heck can I choose what happens to me every day that RUINS my happy.

Touche, I feel you, babe. I’ll let you in on a bigger secret….you can CHOOSE how it affects you. 

I’ve been enjoying a book called The Energy Bus which has given me some inspiration for this post in many ways. I’ve mixed in a little knowledge from the book and other studies I’ve been browsing and I hope this post gives you a little inspiration to make a change in your day-to-day life too. 

We can’t be perfect every day, but you can try every day.

10 Tips to Help you CHOOSE Happy Energy:

Focus on Solutions

I put this as number one because it’s one of the hardest! I think this is something we all know about but rarely put to use and truly TRY at. So, girl, stop complaining and actually try to fix it for your dang self. Not only will you feel soooo accomplished, but you’ll have one less thing to stress about. 

You Are in Control of Your Reactions

Classic, right? You cannot control others but you can control how you react. We can’t choose how everyone reacts to us, whether they are our boss or our BFF, sometimes, people just have bad days. Choose to listen and choose to let it goooo. 

Find Your Focus and Vision

Knowing the reason you get out of bed each day really sets the tone for the day, week, etc. So, sit your pretty bum down and write out what your vision is for your life. Check out our post on three lists to help you focus and find your vision. 

Stop Wasting Your Energy

Stop wasting your energy on other people who suck energy from you. This is probably one of the hardest things to do. But, this doesn’t mean you have to completely remove those energy suckers from your life. This means you can choose the interactions you have with them or if you truly want them out, then have the conversation!

Voice Your Choice

Let them know. If you are working on number four above, it’s important that your voice your choice. This also can mean that you share your happiness with those around you!

Happiness is Contagious

You can’t tell me this one isn’t a straight up FACT. Think about the office on a Friday. Everyone is peppy and smiling (for the most part). And you can’t sit there and tell me it doesn’t make you that much happier! Again, like number five, voice that energy. You will get a response and it can work in your favor!

Practice Happiness

Happiness is kind of like confidence…it’s an everyday challenge, or should I say choice?! You must practice happiness and be intentional about it. You aren’t just born happy…we all go through life’s seasons- good and bad – but you need to work for it. Pick up a book, find affirmations (check out our Instagram for Monday mantras to help you set the tone), or google some methods!

Schedule Time for Happiness

Yes, I said it. It might sound a bit weird but I want you to make time for happiness. What exactly do I mean? Well, think about what makes you feel most alive. Put it in your planner and make it happen. This gives you a reminder of what you’re working for – that beautiful feeling of “happy”

Tunes to Your Life

Make a happy playlist. Don’t underestimate the power of some good tunes. Hit play, dance, and let your worries go away! 

Choosing Your Memories

This one can get a little sticky but hear me out! Throughout the day if one bad thing happens to us we default to “THIS IS THE WORST DAY EVER” but I would bet you $10 you did 10 other amazing things. I’m not suggesting to erase bad memories from your past because pushing things down is not healthy, but I’m suggesting that you let some of the “oops” go and invite your little wins into your life. 

Choose happy babe

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