15 Productive Things You Can Do in Bed

15 productive things you can do from bed the sassy girl project

You know those rainy days (the days we’ve had too many of here in PA) where you just procrastinate starting your days?

Or if you currently work from home or are unemployed and don’t have to get out of bed early so you just milk it out? 

Listen, I hear you, babe! Sometimes it’s nice to just hang out an extra 30 minutes or an hour. I want you to know that’s completely okay. 

But, in an effort to help that time work in your favor, I wanted to share 15 productive things you can do from bed!

Instead of feeling guilty about it, I wanted to share that you can lay in bed and be productive, babe. If no one has told you yet, it’s okay to slow down in this season of our lives.

Okay, here we go – here is my list, enjoy!

Clean Up Your Email

Delete old, outdated emails or junk email. Unsubscribe to emails you don’t care for anymore. One of my favorite things to do is create categories and organize my email by category. 

Delete Old Pictures From your Gallery

We all have old screenshots that don’t serve us anymore or strange pictures of things we don’t even remember taking lol, get those out of there! Not only does it help out your phone’s storage, but it just makes you feel good and less cluttered!

Check Out Your Bank Account

It might be cringy, but check out your last bank statement or your most recent buys. This can help you stay in check with your budget, make sure that online shopping didn’t expose you to hackers, and make sure you know what fees (if any) your bank or other companies have been charging you!

Write a Thank-You Note or Text

Okay, I know…unless you have thank you cards sitting next to your bed, texting is waaaaay easier! You’ll feel so good after this little act of gratitude (you’re welcome).

Make a To-Do List

Kickstart getting out of bed with knowing what the heck you’re getting yourself into! Open up your notes app and get typing lady!

Delete Old Alarms

Am I the only one guilty of having like 30 useless alarms from random days I had random stuff going on? Sometimes I just like switching up the alarm sound and the names of my alarms for the ones I hear everyday.

Update Passwords

Keep those hackers guessing, girl! Update your passwords for your major apps. 

Update Your Calendar

Add-in reminders that you know you need and any events coming up! Personally I love a physical calendar, but your phone’s calendar does have the advantage of an alarm. Your choice…but I choose both!


You didn’t think I’d forget this one right? Journaling is always an amazing way to start the day! Get all your worries and ambitions on that paper so you can focus and execute all dayyy.

If you need a little help with inspo…subscribe to our Sassy Girl Insiders List. One of the perks is a journal prompt every Tuesday.

Find New Workout Inspo

Pinterest and IG are the go-tos for new workouts. Being at home with no access to the gym might demand some extra creativity for a good workout! Go ahead and have a productive scroll…not a mindless one!

Find New Recipes

Again, Pinterest is my go-to here! Search whatever you’re in the mood for. Healthy, quick, savory, sweet, whatever floats your boat. Next time you need to prepare a meal you can have a quicker way to find something you know you want to try. 

Sort/Delete Voicemails

Sales calls – gone, Appointment calls – gone, and anything else old and insignificant to you – gone! Maybe you can even update your voicemail so it’s actually your voice and not a robot when you miss a call.

Read a Book

Okay, you had to expect this one to be on the list with journaling, right? Currently, I’m working on “The Energy Bus”. So far, so good! What are you reading these days – comment below!

Clean Out Your Apps

There are so many apps I download and only use once or twice. Again, like cleaning out your photos, this helps with space on your phone and organization!

Social Media Clean Out & Phone Contact List Clean Out

Unfollow social media accounts you don’t enjoy anymore and/or old contacts from your phone.

What else do you do from bed that helps check off your list?

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