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Hobbies. Hobbies. Hobbies.

Ask yourself these three questions to find your hobbies, your escape, your fun “me” time today!

In normal life, aka, pre-COVID-19, we were all “too busy” for hobbies, am I right?

But, now more than ever, I feel like we have the time to discover new hobbies and things we enjoy doing. When life goes back to our “new” normal, I want to challenge you to take time for the hobbies you are developing (or getting back to) now. 

These hobbies need to be things you enjoy, things that help you escape everyday stresses. 

Currently, I am loving these hobbies:

Reading, Working Out, Hiking/Climbing, Painting, Gardening, and Upcycling Clothes

My hobbies have come and gone but in each season of my life, I’ve asked myself these three questions to make sure what I was calling my hobby, truly fit who I was!


When do you feel like you’re “in the flow” at work and at home?

You know, that feeling when everything clicks. Even when you hit a road bump you handle it and push forward?! That, my friend, is being in the flow. Nothing can stop you, nothing can hold you back.


When do you truly focus on one thing? What is the one thing that keeps your mind from wandering?

This is hard to do in our busy lifestyle as a society, but what is something that completely distracts you. What takes your attention from the hamster wheel to the activity you are performing. For me, it’s working out and painting!


What are your top priorities in this season of life?

Do you put your family, friends, and kids above all other obligations? Do you put learning something new and adventuring into new waters above all other obligations? What is your number one? 

Try to tap into what truly matters to you. If you love who you are around your family, friends, and kiddos try to create hobbies that can involve them. This can get a little tricky because the point of a hobby is to have some YOU time! Create some boundaries but make sure you have fun.

25 Ideas to Try

  1. Reading
  2. Hiking
  3. Exercising (so many options here – yoga, weight lifting, pilates, running, biking, etc)
  4. Painting
  5. Drawing
  6. Baking
  7. Cooking
  8. Gardening
  9. Sculpting 
  10. Homebrewing (coffee, wine, beer, kombucha) 
  11. Cross stitching
  12. DIY Decor or Interior Designing
  13. Writing/Journaling/Story Writing
  14. Playing an instrument
  15. Water sports – canoeing/kayaking
  16. Camping (converting a van to camp in)
  17. Photography
  18. Educational – Researching, watching documentaries, learn a new language, etc.
  19. Start a collection
  20. Hiking/backpacking
  21. Nature – birdwatching, beekeeping, etc
  22. Jewelry making
  23. Pottery
  24. DIYing
  25. Volunteering

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