5 Steps to Quiet Your Worries

5 Steps to Quiet the Worries in Your Head the sassy girl project

By this point, everyone reading this post has been impacted by Covid-19. Today, instead of reading debates about “how it should be handled” or ongoing worries about our unknown future, let’s focus on you. Let’s focus on 5 steps to quiet the worries in your head.

Let’s take today to share some love together and truly focus on things you CAN control… like your actions and your thoughts.

Sleepless nights, cooped up emotions, and so many other feelings might be reaching a breaking point. And I’m here to help you unpack those emotions and find some clarity.

Today, I want to share my top 5 tips to quiet the worries in your head. I also want you to draw the line between worry that helps us plan for the future and worry that is harmful. 


All I ask is for you to have an open mind, use a journal, and be willing to put forth the effort needed to rest your racing thoughts about the unknown.

This will be a daily challenge but very worthwhile! And I completely believe in you!


Stop and think if you’re thinking about a “what if” or a “what is”. When too many “what ifs” race through your mind it leads to anxiety and excessive worry. That’s the type of worry that shifts from proactive to unproductive.

Exercise: Write out all your “what ifs” to get them out of your brain and on paper. Then, rewrite these statements as “what is” or other positives that ARE your reality at that moment. 

If you would like to utilize journaling as a new tool in your tool box, sign up for our insiders list. Every Tuesday we send you a journal prompt to help you stay on track and dig a little deeper.


One of the best ways to get rid of your worries is by expressing them to someone who you trust.  Sometimes this can make you rationalize what your brain is overreacting about. Like your journal, this get’s your thoughts out of your brain and out in the open.


This tip is focused on us not knowing the reaction to our action. Stop overthinking the outcome. Take the action and see what happens. For example, something I always encourage is planning your day out the night ahead (or a week ahead).

Instead of being restless in bed, get up (action), grab your journal (action), and make your list!


I can’t just simply tell you to “stop worrying”, but I can tell you to save it for another time. Find an appropriate time in your day to go through all your worries.

This will help you truly focus and rationalize your thoughts. Some might be valid, some might not. This also helps when you can’t seem to focus because your mind is elsewhere.


Exercise is a natural way to lift your mood and force yourself to be in the moment.  Go for a walk, look up a yoga flow, or google a HIIT workout. To help you stay in the moment when exercising focus on your breath, the part of your body working the hardest, and learn to appreciate that muscle for working hard for you.

Getting some movement will release some tension, give you energy, and take your mind off of the worry cycle you have in your brain. 


Now, these tips aren’t one size fits all, but I want to encourage you to try them with forgiveness. This is not a time to be harsh on yourself, but a time to slow down and get to know where you are and where you want to be.

Sending so much love to you and your families!

Take care and please, PLEASE, share any tips that could help a fellow sassy girl in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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