The Sassy Girl Project - Spring Cleaning Challenge

We are so close to the start of spring! Who else is stoked? Like, I NEED spring. I NEED sunshine. I NEED to hear the birds. I NEED to see and smell flowers.

Other than these ‘needs’, the first thing I think of when this season rolls around is ‘spring cleaning’. Before you go and roll your eyes at me…hear me out!

I wanted to share this two-part series to get your emotional state ready for the beauty, adventures, and excitement we have coming up! Think about it. Spring and summer usually encourage people to do more stuff…aka less time at home. Less time to organize, clean, youfillintheblank.

It’s time to prep. Leave those stresses behind and welcome this new season!
Welcome to part one of the spring declutter challenge! This week is all about your digital life.

Grab our one week challenge and let us know how it went! Comment below or tag us on social media @thesassygirlproject

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