Three Productivity Hacks for Anyone.

Three Productivity Hacks for Anyone - The Sassy Girl Project

Let’s talk about being productive, babes. This is one of my personal goals this year and hopefully, it’s on your list too! We all want to do all the things but still have time to actually enjoy life…amiright?

Well, I want to start to share my favorite productivity hacks that have rocked my world! 

ONE. Stop doing it all. 

I am so so guilty of this one. I wanted to be involved in e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. and guess where that landed me? In the depths of burnout.

I initially thought that throwing myself at everything that came my way would help me network and gain new skills. Wrong. I felt like I barely had any meaningful relationships and I was right.

They might have known my face, but they didn’t know me or the value I could add to an opportunity they might have had. AND on the other side, as a leader, I wasn’t leading. I was too busy worrying about the 85 other things I had to do that day.

So, stop thinking you have to ‘do it all’ because you don’t.

I challenge you to pick one to three things you excel at and capitalize on them. Make long-lasting, meaningful relationships, and CRUSH whatever those things are. Oh, and don’t forget to put your feet up when you can – recharging is one of the keys to avoiding burnout.

TWO. Slow Down.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking….how can I be productive by slowing down? I’m talking about going from doing 10 things at once to one to two things (preferably one, but life isn’t always that simple lol).

Blocking out time for certain tasks is so important. Batching work will save you so. much. time. Check out the last blog to see how I time-block my day. If you are more mindful about the work you are doing, you not only get it done, but you get it done WELL. 

You can try this with the simplest of things, like household chores. Save up some chores for the weekend so, during the week, you can get done what NEEDS to be done.

Coming from an ex-clean freak…this was tough. I noticed that the less I worried about the things that needed HAVE to be done – I could actually unwind each night and rest. 

Moral of the story – slow down, take a breath, crush a task, then move to the next one.

THREE. Stop being selfless.

That word used to be my pride and joy…now it makes me cringe. Doing everything for everyone leaves nothing for yourself, your list, or your mental health. To be productive you need to focus on you and your tasks before serving others. 

Give yourself permission to be selfish. Life will go on. And you will be happier because that list will be checked off and you will have more free time.

Sound like a deal?

I hope so because in a world of go, go, go, we tend to lose ourselves. 

Here is to productivity (small steps), babes. I don’t know about you but I am ready to be a human being, not a human doing.

As always, stay sassy and have a beautiful day. 


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