The Biggest Reason YOU Aren’t Hitting Your New Year Resolutions.

Whoa Sammie, easy with the Negative Nancy vibes on this fine Sunday.

Okay, okay, I know I am usually the brightest ray of sunshine trying to lighten your day a bit, but I want to share some reality [you can thank me later].

Reality is good [every once in a while ;)]. I want to dip into your goal setting process for a quick second to help you actually reach those resolutions/goals/whateveryouwanttocallthem.

The Biggest Reason You Aren’t Hitting Your Big Goal:

Your goal is WAY TO BIG.

Yep. You read that right. Coming from a fellow go-getter, this was hard to accept!

We have a tendency to really reach for the stars at the beginning of the year. I usually would totally encourage this, but it’s time to chill out….sort-of.

My New Best Friend…

Micro-goal setting.

It’s exactly what it sounds like – setting smaller goals.

I want you to make new plans for those out of this world goals. Make a plan that is realistic, but a little dreamy [nothing fantastic came from thinking small].

So I guess you aren’t completely kicking out those BIG goals, you are just making them actionable. But, how do you exactly do that?

The Hardest Part

I think we can all agree the hardest part of goal execution is actually starting.

Micro-goals help us do that part – the hard part. Having these amazing goals that will put us where we want to be in life are sooo intimidating. Intimidating to the point that we keep pushing our goals off day after day after day.

Believe me – I do it allllll the time [sad face]. But it’s time to say bye-bye to not starting on our dreams.

Big Three

You know this phrase if you’ve been hanging out here for a while! The Big Three is my secret sauce for everything.

When I sat down to plan out this year, I naturally made my personal and business ‘Big Three’ Lists (you can check it out here). These ‘Big Three’ are called Big for a reason – they are supposed to level up my life…and that is no small feat.

So, how do I actually get to the goal? How do I make it my reality?Breaking it down into these micro goals.

For fun and a little example, I will break down one of my big three, right here, right now. Take the time to sit down and figure it out.

Gather up your patience and creative juices, babe. It’s time to set a deadline on your out-of-this-world goal you set for yourself on New Year’s Eve.

An extra level of accountability that I try to use is putting deadlines on each micro-goal and adding it to both my physical planner and my phone. Sometimes I even put sticky notes up where I can see them everyday!

Demo – Sassy Girl Project Kick Starter

I’ve been wanting to start a kick starter for three years (yeah…three.whole.years.). I know I have all the tools in the tool box for this, but, girl, it scares the crap out of me!

Here is my way of working on this goal a little each day! Little accomplishments keep. me. goin’:

  1. Google how to write a KickStarter (take notes)
  2. Browse KickStarter for similar campaigns (take note on what I like about the campaign)
  3. Reach out to 3 people who have started their biz via KickStarter. See if they will share some tips
  4. Create a KickStarter account
  5. Brainstorm 3 ways to run the kickstarter
  6. Draft a catchy opening statement (kind of like a thesis for the campaign)
  7. Create 3 social media posts that will promote the KickStarter
  8. Complete Draft One of the KickStarter Campaign
  9. Create a list of 3 different ways you can promote the posts you made for social media
  10. Write out email based on catchy opening statement to send to Insiders List
  11. Revise KickStarter Campaign
  12. Reach out to 3 friends to see if they will skim through the campaign for readability, grammar, etc.
  13. Publish KickStarter Campaign
  14. Send Emails
  15. Launch social media ad kit

Wallaa! 15 steps to my dream!

I hope this gives you a good idea of how to use micro-goals! It is a lifesaver! Remember….

A dream written down with a DATE becomes a goal. A goal broken down into STEPS becomes a plan. A plan backed by ACTION makes your dreams come true. – Greg S. Reid

Love you all so much,


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