2020 Goals – The Sassy Three

Who is just now winding down from the holiday crazy? I know I am. LOL.

You know the feeling….random decorations hanging out, getting my schedule back to normal, trying to get my eating habits back to normal, and trying to really figuring out what I want out of this year!

As we all start to dream about what our 2020 looks like, I though it would be fun to share Sassy Girl’s goals (dreams) for this year.


I’ve talked about the rule of three a couple times on this blog. It NEVER fails me.

Every productivity study and book I have read all seem to bring it up. If experts are saying it works, and my experiences say it works – maybe it does!

So, when I sat down to plan out Sassy Girl’s 2020, I grabbed a pen and piece of paper to brain dump – typical Sammie behavior – and then found I could group them into three buckets.

  1. Emotional/Mental
  2. Career
  3. Physical

These buckets started to form on my personal list then flowed right into my business.


  1. Emotional: Growing the company’s following with individuals who have a genuine connection to Sassy Girl’s mission.
  2. Career: (this might sound weird for a business to have ‘career’ goals, but think of it like you asking for a raise/promotion) Launching a kickstarter to get the ball rolling on so many plans!
  3. Physical: Developing and purchasing new inventory for Sassy Girl’s newest product lines (more than just merch ;P)


I want you create your own brain dump sheet and find your buckets. These buckets might be the same as mine or they might be your own unique combination.

Emotional/Mental – This topic can cover A LOT. Maybe you have some toxic relationships. Maybe it’s time to start loving yourself. Maybe it’s time to become more educated on a topic you have always been curious about.

Career – Do you want to move up the corporate ladder? Or, maybe launch that business? Possibly you want to make more boundaries between ‘work’ and ‘home’ life.

Physical – Dedicating yourself to a new yoga practice, new gym routine, or maybe pledging to take a walk each day could be a nice start. Or, maybe you want to move to a new location and start fresh.

Be flexible with the meaning of these categories! Be you. Do you. For you!

Make sure you intentionally work on these big three goals each and everyday.

Break them down into smaller goals so they are more approachable and sustainable. The hardest part is starting, am I right?

Cheers to the New Year! Cheers to finally getting rid of things that no longer serve us or our big three!


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