A Sunday with Me! + Free Sunday Planning Sheet

If you know me, you know I am a sucker for this day of the week. I make it all about me FOR me.

I shared a little DIY self love Sunday, but you can always find me with a

face mask,

a yummy brunch,

a good yoga flow,

and planning out my next week (and how much of a badass I will be)!

Getting the Most Out of Your Sunday

  1. No obligations – If I don’t get it done then I simply don’t get it done. Have some forgiveness and flexibility (except planning my week – no excuses there sis!).
  2. I don’t set an alarm – Wake up when you wake up!
  3. Listening to my body – Do I need to stretch? Am I super, super parched? Do I need a little more sleep? And anything else that comes up.
  4. I ALWAYS carve out time to plan out my week. No questions asked.

Ultimate Sunday Planning Sheet

I have been creating my own planning sheet each Sunday to get the most out of my week (or month). It is my BIBLE! Having the week planned out gets all those thoughts out of my brain and onto paper a.k.a. hellllo better sleep. I hope you enjoy this Sunday planning cheat sheet as much as I do! Grab yours below (for free of course)!

Focus on Being More Productive

Focusing on being more productive doesn’t mean you do more things. It means that you get more done in a timely manner. This means more free time sister!

More free time to do what you love to do, to recharge, or to do nothing with those you love. My Sundays help me recharge and get ready for a productive week.

Using my planner lets me (more like makes me) take around 30 minutes for myself and gives me peace of mind for the rest of the week. I know what and when I need to do things.

Download my free Sunday outline and go crush your week (and the next one, and the next one).


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