Sassy Girl Holiday Gift Guide

Well babes, the holiday season is among us! It can be a loving time, a stressful time, or a relaxing time depending on your life style.

No matter who you are, I know that shopping for that perfect gift can be a struggle (and stressful). I wanted to help a sister out, so I created the first Sassy Girl Holiday Gift Guide!

This gift guide lets you conveniently shop from your couch for every type of person in your life. From the wine lover to the cozy queen I have you covered.

Grab the downloadable gift guide and links to all the goodies below! Time will fly by babe, get shopping.

This post includes affiliate links which I can earn commissions from. Each product I link are things I love and personally recommend, but you can learn more about our disclaimers here.

The Sassy Girl Project - Holiday Gift Guide Cozy Queen 2019

1. Cozy Slippers: Okay, do these not look like the comfiest clouds to put on your feet? Yeah…that’s what I thought.

2. Lighters Candle Company Candles: These crack me up! Seriously, such a cute twist on the classic candle. There are so many other sayings that you can choose from too!

3. Ello To-Go Mug: Travel mugs are a necessity for on-the-go boss babes or if you’re cuddled up watching TV and don’t want to get up for a while (lol). Not only does this travel mug keep your drinks hot but it’s also super cute and stylish.

4. Chunky Throw Blanket: This chunky knit throw is perfect for anyone’s style. 

5. Buffalo Plaid Joggers: I might be obsessed with buffalo plaid this year, but I might be more obsessed with feeling these joggers. Crazy heart eyes!!

6. Fuzzy Socks: Classic, nuff’ said.

7. Fuzzy Scrunchy: Scrunchies have been killin’ the game for a while, but step your scrunchy game up one more notch with this fuzzy scrunchy. SO. CUTE.

2019 Sassy Girl Holiday Gift Guide Doing it all Lady

1. Girl Code: Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba is a game-changer. Being a “do-it-all” kinda girl comes with a lot of stress. This book will turn that stress and pressure into pure girl power!

2. Bath Table: Candles lit, wine poured, audible book playing, and scrolling through the latest news. Yup. You can do allll that while soaking in a bathtub. 

3. Echo Dot: Alexa, take down the decorations. 

4. Colored Markers: Color coding freaks I know you’re out there and I know you need some new bomb colored markers!

5. Tumbler: Staying hydrated should be on everyone’s list, but when you go, go, go it’s easy to forget!

6. Worthy Blue Light Glasses: Ouch, staring at the screen all day? Give your eyes and headaches a break. Try some blue light glasses!

7. Notebook: I always have a notebook with me. No matter where I go! You never know when you need to record a thought or rant a bit!

2019 Sassy Girl Holiday Gift Guide Adventurer

1. AirPods: Airplane rides can be painful…music can help (or an audible book).

2. WiseOwl Hammock: I’ve had my WiseOwl hammock for three years and I LOVE it, to say the least. It’s easy to pack away and set up. It has minimal wear after these three long years, so that’s a plus!

3. Airplane Necklace: OKAY, HOW CUTE. I want to buy one for everyone I know who has stepped on a plane one time (lol, too extra?)

4. Parks Project Leather Wrap Bracelet: This gem is more than just a bracelet. Parks Project is a company that devotes not only income but labor to our national parks. Leaving them better than they found them!

5. Kodiak Hiking Boot: Inspired by the classic hiker but reimagined for everyday adventures—from the trail to city streets. Durable and cute – sounds good to me!

6. Cannon Creek Blanket: Perfect for chilly fall nights full of friends and campfires!

7. Columbia Windbreaker for Hikers: Perfect layering piece. This is a go-to for me on every hike.

2019 Sassy Girl Holiday Gift Guide Fitness Lover

1. Infusion Water Bottle: I know this isn’t new on the market, but it is a must-have. With the goal of drinking a gallon of water a day, let’s try to make a few glasses less boring. 

2. Manduka X Mat: I love Manduka mats of any kind! It’s great for stretching, working out on, or doing some yoga flows.

3. Katy Hearn Fit Glute Band: There are so many glute bands out right now, but Katy’s wins! From the cute color to the grip on the inside, it’s perfect. 

4. BPN Strong Greens: Strong Greens from one of the best supplement companies I have ever purchased items from! 

5. Female: BuffBunny Leggings: Love me some comfy and flattering BuffBunny leggings| Male: Ever Forward Compression Leggings: If you’re buying for a guy, these compression leggings are THE BEST.

6. Apple Watch: All around good choice! 

7. Epsom Salt Soak: I’ve been soaking in Epsom salt since I was in high school. Not many people know about this secret salt, but I promise, it saves your life after a tough leg day.

2019 Sassy Girl Holiday Gift Guide Skincare Goddess

1. Under Eye Gell: Puffy eyes, no more!

2. Rosehip Oil: Love this multi-use oil.  The more I’ve used the eye gell and oils, the less make-up I’ve worn. I’ve never been a huge make-up wearer, but in the wintertime, I get a little less confident. This helps!

3. Quarts Face Roller: Face massage! Ugh. Yes. Please.

4. Black Mask: Fun girls night idea, the night before a big day, or just a random Tuesday. It’s always appropriate to have a face mask.

5. Burts Bees Lip Mask: Wintertime always gives us dry lips. Now, we can make an end to that.

6. Supergoop Matte SPF: Want to keep young skin? Load on that SPF! This everyday matte SPF is perfect for sunny, hot days or cool, overcast days.

7. Silk Pillow Case: Okay, I know this is an oldie, but man is it a goodie!

2019 Sassy Girl Holiday Gift Guide Wine Lover

1. Wine Charms: Cute and funny! 

2. Copper Stemless Wine Glasses: Perfect for a girl’s night! 

3. Wine Chiller: White wine + summer day = icky. Try out this wine bottle cooler to keep your wine fresh!

4. Decanter: This is essential to the perfect glass of wine!

5. Wine Cork Holder: Make some space at the bar, this baby deserves a spot!

6. Wine Saver: If you aren’t sharing a bottle with your girls, you probably need to store your half drank a bottle of wine. It’s time to store it the right way! Wine Saver = Life Saver lol 

7. “Wine a little…laugh a latte” Cup Holder: My two favorite things, wine and coffee! If you know someone like me, this is the perfect gift! 

2019 Sassy Girl Holiday Gift Guide Man Who "Doesn't Want Anything"

1. Carhartt Flannel: Cozy up and stay classy! This flannel is perfect for any man in your life.  It’s durable and warm.

2. Minnetonka Moccasins: Slippers are essential!

3. Alphalete Joggers: I love Alphalete products and these joggers are perfect for the gym or for lounging around. 

4. Blackbyrd Wallet: My boyfriend has this wallet and loves it. Each one is handmade down in Virginia. There are a couple of designs up for sale, I’m sure you’ll find one you like.

5. MVMT Watch:  Fancy but simple. My kind of watch. Simple enough for a wide variety of men to love – it’s a safe bet 🙂

6. Pour-Over Coffee Set: Bring out your man’s inner barista! Maybe you’ll luck out waking up to a nice pour-over coffee (shhhh, it’s my secret plan).

7. Ray-Bans: Perfect for snowy adventures or beach trips. This gift will give all year long!

I hope this list helps the crazy holiday season!

Stay Sassy

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