SIX Sassy Girl DIY Winter Face Masks

So…there is snow on the ground. Last week, here in northern PA, it went from 60 degrees to 35 degrees overnight – what the heck mother nature, I was not ready for that!

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the cool breeze hits my face I get dry patches, eeek! So, naturally, I hopped on my Pinterest and tried at least 30 different face masks. Everything from smashing avocados to searching for an aloe plant happened over the last week. And it was all worth it! 

Here are my top six hydrating face masks for glowing, soft skin this winter! I also added a downloadable face mask guide for you all to keep (at the bottom). Enjoy! I can’t wait to see your glowing faces on my timeline. Tag us @thesassygirlproject on Instagram. 

Now, let’s get to the pampering!


This one is so easy and soooo relaxing! Whip up some coconut oil, honey, and lavender oil.

The only downside to this mask is that it starts to melt! When the coconut oil and honey heat up on your face it drips a little. I had to keep wiping off my chin, but the results were definitely worth it.

After I washed the mask off my skin, I had a more even complexion with a bit of a glow. I didn’t even have to put on my face lotion the next morning (which is a miracle).


Again, a super easy mask with three ingredients. You will find that most of the recipes in this top 6 six are simple and require minimal work!

If you want to brighten up your skin and shrink those pores for those holiday photoshoot, this mask is a no-brainer!


Two words: clean and exfoliate!

I always have baking soda laying around in my kitchen because I use it for so many different things! I whiten my teeth with it, I put some in the fridge to eliminate odor, to remove stains from my coffee/tea cups, and the list goes on and on! Now, I am adding one more item to the list – a face mask!


Sassy Girl Banana Mask

Holy Bananas! I know they are a tasty treat, but they also have super powers for our skin! They help with retaining moisture in our faces, and adding potassium and vitamins E & C.

Golden hour for pictures can now happen all. day. long. This mask will add a nice glow to your skin (and it smells good).


Sassy Girl Egg and Olive Oil Mask

Okay, this one might not have the nice aroma like the banana or essential coconut honey mask BUT it does treat your skin like you’re a goddess!

The yellow egg yolk holds water and fats that will lock in nourishing powers and hydrate your face.


The Sassy Girl Project - Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Mask

Dead skin cells – gone

Repaired and healed skin – done

Fats and nutrients – check

This mask does it all! All your need is three ingredients. These aren’t as common as the other kitchen ingredients, but I think they are worth the investment!

Your Very Own Winter Face Mask Guide!

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