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Oh, Sundays, how I love you! Seriously, you can find me doing anything but leaving my apartment (except for meal prep shopping). If you don’t love Sunday, I can almost promise you you will after this blog. Sundays should be full of appreciation and preparation for your future self. Self-care isn’t selfish. How can you give to others without giving to yourself first? My go-to Sunday rituals include: not setting an alarm, face masks, baths, meal prepping, journal prepping, planner prepping, going on a walk, and indulging in some movies or TV shows. If that doesn’t sound like heaven I’m not sure what does. The real reason I am writing this is to help YOU get into some Sunday routines, not talk about mine. The goal is to help you see the beauty in treating yourself to some much needed “me” time.

Here We Go

Here is a brain dump of everything Self-Sunday ritual I have ever enjoyed or heard of. Your job? Mix and match your way to Sunday being your favorite day of the week!

Top 50 Self Love Sunday Ideas

  1. Face mask: You don’t have to run to the store babe. Check your kitchen first! Spring Scrubs has you covered. But, I am always down for a good clay mask!
  2. Bubble Bath: Not just any bubble bath, but one with candles and wine. Don’t under estimate the power of a nice bath.
  3. Don’t Set an Alarm: Before you go to bed on Saturday, visualize an alarm clock on the wall. On that clock pick what time you want to get up on Sunday. After a few weeks, you’re body should regulate its-self to wake up when you want. I mean, what is more beautiful than waking up with BEEP BEEP BEEP.
  4. Organize Something: Pick a drawer, any drawer (I know you have a junk drawer girlfriend)
  5. Plan out the week: Check out Planning like a Pro Part I & Part II for inspiration and some tips!
  6. Bring breakfast to your couch/bed: Be casual and comfy
  7. Make that breakfast E.P.I.C: go all out babe! Make a delish breakfast. Get creative.
  8. Drink a cup of tea or coffee and read: I say “a cup”, but I really mean drink coffee and tea until you’re happy. For me I usually have three cups by the time I am ready to put my book down. Sometimes I will have one cup of coffee then caffeine-free tea.
  9. Yoga: Check out my favorite instructor – Yoga with Adriene
  10. Splurge on your fav TV show or a few movies (and don’t feel guilty about it)
  11. Plan out some journal prompts for the week – Check out What’s the Buzz for some journaling insight.
  12. Channel your inner child with some coloring/drawing: grab an adult coloring book or just sketch objects on some blank paper
  13. Make a Sunday playlist that you can jam to! I always have a wide range of tempos and genres. Throw backs are always encouraged or try a new pre-made playlist on Spotify.
  14. Turn your phone off for 4 hours: I know this sounds scary, but take a break from being connected.
  15. DIY mani/pedi: Here is a good step-by-stop by Better Home & Gardens
  16. Plan out your dreams: dream house, dream car, dream partner, dream career, etc…what ever suits you. Have fund and dream big babe. Need some inspiration? Check out Head Stuck in the Clouds?
  17. Laundry: Just do it babe! Your future self will be like “girl, thank you for washing this because it’s exactly what I want to wear”. Yeah, you know that feeling, don’t question it!
  18. Clean a Room: You don’t have to clean the whole house, but try to get a few rooms done.
  19. Candles and incense: Cozy smells for a cozy day
  20. Say no!: Say no to obligations today – it’s your day to treat yourself like a queen.
  21. Craft/hobby day: take a few hours to let some stress go with your favorite craft or hobby
  22. Rearrange furniture
  23. Clean your car (you know it needs it lol)
  24. Go for a walk
  25. Go for a run
  26. Get ready for the new season: It’s almost fall, so yes, pumpkins, hello fall posters, and everything in between!
  27. Write yourself a love letter: Stick it in a random drawer where you can randomly find it again in the future.
  28. Clean your email out: yikes!
  29. Build a fort: Yep. I said it. Build a fort in your family room, pop some popcorn, and curl up with a book or watch some TV
  30. Look at the stars
  31. Fancy drink: Be so extra. Join our Facebook Group to get weekly inspo.
  32. Social media purge: Go through who you’re following. Do they serve you? Or, do they bring extra stress into your life? *Unfollow*
  33. Get yourself some flowers
  34. Wash your sheets and pillow cases
  35. Take a nap if your body is tired: Today is the day to listen to your body
  36. Clean out your closet: Go through your close and donate what you don’t want. If you’re really into it, try to color code your closet!
  37. Bake some goodies for the office: This is just the best way to start the week with your co-workers, am I right?
  38. Go to bed early! Start the week the right way. Fully rested and ready to go.
  39. Collect quotes for the week. Find seven bomb quotes that will get you through your week!
  40. Check out your finances: See where you are and where you can improve. Maybe research some ways to improve your financial literacy. Check out Rich Bitch.
  41. Plan out your outfits for the week
  42. Check to see if there is a local market: Fresh air, local produce, and some walking!
  43. Don’t put on make-up and take some selfies. Appreciate your beauty. Try a new beauty look and take some selfies. Appreciate the art of makeup. It doesn’t make you look better, it simply helps you express yourself.
  44. Buy a plan, or plant some seeds. Get some greenery in your life!
  45. Grab a cup of coffee with a friend. Be present with them. Turn your phone off and enjoy their company.
  46. Be braless for the day. Stay in those PJs!
  47. Try to get to know yourself better. Write down your top three strengths, weaknesses, songs, outfits, and goals. Top three everything!
  48. Feel your feelings. This one can get tricky. Try to set an alarm for one to two hours. Within this time journal all your feels from the week and FEEL them. We have a tendency to push them down, but it’s time to feel them and leave them.
  49. Have a sweet treat. Indulge in a little dose of heaven. My go-to? Ice cream.
  50. Create and recite affirmations. Try these out for a few weeks. Get started here.

Your Turn

Take control babe. It’s time to start some of your own traditions. Give yourself full permission to have a day dedicated to you, your energy, and your future self. Share your favorite self-love Sunday activities by tagging us #sassygirlsunday

Stay Sassy!

Sam, Founder and Chief Sassy Officer

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