Passion Development 101

Caution! Buzz word alert! Passion.

Passion: (n) strong and barely controllable emotion.

We have heard this word thrown around a million times. But there is a reason for it. Being able to find and develop your passion is the key to life. Unlocking your true motive pulls you through the tough times and makes the good times oh-so-sweet. If you know what your mission is on this earth, wouldn’t it make the every-day hiccups feel a little bit smaller? I hope the answer is yes, or even better, yaaaaaas.

Although the journey to finding your “passion” is forever evolving and changing, I think we can tap into it a little. I want to help you map out a few key strategies to start this journey. The reason I developed The Sassy Girl Project was to help women from all over connect and tap into the concept of “passion development”. Since I have started college (3.5 years ago) all my free time has been dedicated to the research of many things like confidence, organization, productivity, happiness, and how to effectively connect with others. Although my research is ongoing, I think it all boils down to this concept of “passion development”. 

Lean into Passion

I wish I could just make a series of a 1,2,3 here is your passion, but it’s not that simple. As I mentioned, it is an ongoing process that is always changing. Humans are dynamic in almost every aspect of our being, so why should our passion(s) be? Think about it. Our bodies must move each day or they become sore, achy, and start to break down. Our minds intake information constantly to develop the understanding of new concepts for survival and progression. I want you to use this blog as a starting point. The blogs following this will sprinkle in (like sparkles, duh) little passion development concepts for you to indulge in!

Today, I want to build on Planning like a Pro (Part II): The Rule of 3. So, here are three ways to start defining “passion” so you can dig deep and find yours! Start the count down babes. Grab your journal and try these out. Keep in mind the definition of passion – strong and barely controllable emotion. What do you want to have this feeling about?


Estimated time: 12 minutes

Draw a life map. Visualize your 80-year-old self. If you could remove money and education, what would you want out of your life? Grab that journal of yours and try this: 

  1. Divide your paper into four quadrants.
  2. In the top left quadrant write “Today-1 year”
  3. Within this quadrant list your dream accomplishment(s) within this time frame, your power crew (who is in your friend circle who motivate, encourage, and support you), and your values.
  4. In the top-right quadrant write “2 – 5 years”, bottom-left “6 – 10 years”, and bottom-right “11 – 20 years”. 
  5. Repeat step 3 for all remaining quadrants


Estimated time: 8 minutes

Time Chart. If you had one day to do whatever you wanted, what would you do? Don’t think of this day as in a Saturday or Sunday, think of it as a working day. Just an average Tuesday. List your “wake-up” time at the top and in one-hour increments list out what you would do until your “bed-time”.


Estimated time: 5 minutes

Life Motto. What is your life motto? Try to keep this in one sentence. What interests you enough to invest majority of your time into?


Estimated time: the rest of your life (LOL)

I know this sounds exaggerated, but seriously, this will take time! My passion three years ago was much different than it is today. Now that I have a more defined “passion”, I can simply alter and develop it. Sometimes we even might start from scratch again and that’s a-okay!

Now seriously, go out and explore, travel, and talk to a stranger. Learn, expose yourself, and grow babe. You deserve to have a passion for this crazy thing we have called life. Have fun discovering and pursuing it!

My Hope

My hope for this blog was to create some activities that could help you narrow down your truest self. To know your truest self you basically need to complete a life “audit”, but that is for a different time. I hope these short three exercises helped shape what your passion and mission could look like. More to come babes!

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