Planning Like a Pro (Part I)

Do you own a planner? If you do, do you use it or does it just look cute on your desk? Well, if you fall into the second category, we are going to change that today sister! And, even if you fall into the first category, I want to help you organize it and utilize it like a pro (a pro boss babe to be specific).

If you know me, you know I wouldn’t make it ONE DAY without my planner. My planner is the key to accomplishing everything I want in life. Seriously talking this blog would not exist without it! I use a blank notebook, sharpies, and cute colored pens to bring my planning to life.

Benefits of Planners

Big Picture Perspective

Writing everything down gives you an easy, one-glance look at everything. What you have coming up for your day, your week, and your month. This helps the impossible seem more possible! You can take more time to focus on the little steps since you know what to expect on a high level!

Less Screen Time

We live in a world of screens. Between staring at a computer screen all day and catching up on your fav TV show, we are looking at a screen a. lot. Not only is using a paper planner a nice break from blue light for our eyeballs but it also gives our brain a nice change. The change from typing to writing has many benefits – like increased memory of what we write and less ability to get distracted by notifications. We all know how easy it is to google a random topic when we are actually supposed to be writing an email – lol. I am guilty of this all too often. But using my paper planner helped me focus on what I needed to complete and it has been life-changing.

Present Day Scrap Book

All of our smiles, stressed panics and laughs are all stored here! It’s a great way to look back on the year to reflect the good and bad. You can see how your priorities changed throughout the year, and what made you happy. There is beauty in just seeing the quality of your handwriting vary throughout the year. If its messy see what you were up to – usually messy = stressed. What can you do to mitigate this next year? Or what is something you know you loved? How can you incorporate it into more of what you do each day?

Increased Organization

Girl, planners are the key to not only organizing our appointments but also our financials, healthy food plans, fitness goals/plans, to-do lists, our goals, and so much more! Here is to finally getting our sh*t together. If you can organize a month of tasks, think about what else you can sort out and totally dominate in your life? It’s a good feeling huh?

Planning Tips for True Boss Babes

Block out time for your planner.

Using your planner is no joke babe! Seriously, take time to intentionally fill your life into your planner. Try blocking out 20 minutes at the beginning of the month, 15 minutes at the beginning of the week and 10 minutes each day filling in all your badassery (word??).

Pick one and stick with it.

Grab a planner or a blank notebook and use it for the FULL YEAR. Yes, babe, you heard me. Stick to one notebook that you keep everything in! This past week I posted a quote on the Instagram page that went like this… “I swear I have it all together but I just forgot where I put it”. Although I LOL every time because I feel like this is totally me, having a consistent place to keep my thoughts helped me a lot. At the end of the year, it’s fun to look at and satisfying that you were able to stick to something for a whole 365!

Deadlines, Events, and Appointments

Here is a great hack to staying on track. In your monthly overview page, write out your deadlines, big events, and appointments. This gives you the “big-picture”. But what makes that “big-picture” come to life are the little steps you take each week and each day. So save your daily spots for your nitty-gritty. In your daily pages add in your daily tasks, time table of what you will be doing, and three main goals to accomplish for the day. If you have it, use your weekly overview for a place to write out your top 3 goals for the week. At the end of the week reflect on how you did. Maybe even rank your performance on a 1-5 scale.

Tasklist – write it, rank it, color code it, time it

Okay, we need to learn how to make a checklist right. You can check out the blog post here – Check it off baby. But here are the basic rules to live by:

  1. Brain dump absolutely everything you want to accomplish!
  2. Try clustering your tasks, what can you combine into one line item? Or, better yet, try color-coding with the free guide below! Look at the colors and see what can be combined to simplify your list. Simplifying your list makes it seem easier to accomplish!
  3. Rank what is most to least important to your daily, weekly, and monthly goals.
  4. Add time to each task. Adding a deadline to a task is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. LOL, it gives you a little structure and puts a little fire under your bum when you know you only have “x” amount of time.

Verb it up babe

Try starting your checklist with a verb. This one is fun – I have included a free printables of fun verb options to get your booty in action sis. Using action words in front of a task is a bit of a phycology hack. Try it out…”Eye Doc Appt” versus “Call and Make Eye Doc Appt” or “Grocery List” versus “Write Grocery List”.

The Power is Yours Babe!

Okay, it’s your turn. There are some gems in this blog post that I hope you will try to use in your planner! This is part one of an ongoing project to become more organized. One of the biggest reasons we don’t move forward with our goals is a lack of organization. We spend more time “fire” fighting than we do actually “doing” and brainstorming our way to our goals. It’s time to be proactive and get our sh*t together! Check out the download below for color-coding magic!

Color Coding Secret Sauce

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