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What is up my Sassy Girls! So recently I tried a new product and wanted to share it with you. Naturally, I got hooked by an instagram advertisement, but this one is for reaaal. It’s called FLEX. Ever heard of it? If not, don’t just take my word for it – GLAMOUR and marie claire loved it too! Babes, it’s time to normalize the talk around periods, so let’s dive in: Girl Product Review!

What is FLEX?

FLEX is owned by an amazing female (total boss babe), Lauren Wang, who was ready to change how we live during our period. Periods are icky, uncomfortable, make us self conscious, and are straight-up annoying am I right? I have always been a tampon user, but I will never go back after trying #FLEX. FLEX is a disposable menstrual disk. Listen to this: it holds up to 3 super tampons and normally lasts up to 12 hours (yes, I said t.w.e.l.v.e. hours). Unlike tampons and menstrual cups, FLEX sits just past the vaginal canal in the same place as a diaphragm and can’t be felt at all once in place. Cool, right?

What was my experience?

Okay, it was not all sunshine and rainbows babes. This is not something you use correctly the first (or second) time LOL. But, once I got the hang of it, I fell in LOVE. You can’t feel it and honestly it reduced my cramping by a TON.

Pros & Cons


Less Physical Discomfort – I seriously didn’t realize how uncomfortable tampons were until FLEX. Once I got FLEX situated, I forgot I was even on my period (and that is saying something). You can’t feel FLEX once inserted and, believe it or not, it reduced my cramps – like A TON. Also, fun fact, tampons are actually the culprit of a lot of our “period pains”. Tampons are actually one of the leading reasons we suffer from yeast infections, dryness, odor, and irritation! So bye-bye to that drama…

Affordable – My first box of FLEX was $13!! The box lasted me 2 cycles – WHOA.

Delivered to Your Door – Who else is a fan of not adding the store to your list of a million things to do? Hey, girl, heeey – me. freakin. too. I love that FLEX is like any other subscription and shows up on my door step when I need it!


Intimidating – I will be completely transparent babes…this was straight up scary! I felt intimidated by the product, but after watching all the videos and reading the instructions 1,000 times, I did it (thank.god.)!

Hard to Get “Just Right” – So, after I got over the intimidating factor, I definitely did not insert it properly LOL. But to make myself feel better, and you too if you try it, only 40% of women insert FLEX properly on their first try! My recommendation? Test it out before your period, just to get used to it.

Disposal Process – this is tricky (and icky)…you have to stay parallel to the ground to take it out and that took a lot of work the first go-around! But after you find your sweet spot, you’re good-to-go!

Overall – 10/10

Get your first box now!

This is not a sponsored post! I just loved the product so much and the passion of FLEX’s founder that I HAD to share.

What’s next?

Babes! This was so much fun. I love trying new products – so if there is any product, girly or not, that you have been DYING to try, let me know! Email, DM, or comment below!

Stay Sassy Babes! With so much love,


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