What’s in my #Bossbabe Lunchbox?

Hey babes! So, if you know me, you know that I am a HUGE meal “prepper”. My interest in making my food on Sundays before my week started came from my love of fitness. I was trying to give my diet a makeover and discovered how B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L it was. Like seriously, I have enough time to grab a container of food, shove it in my mouth, and move along to my next task. To save money and stay healthy meal prep was my answer.

We all live in a fast paced world these days, so it is essential that we get our food quickly but also make sure it is packed with nutrients! Meal prep is our solution babess! Check it out…


Q: Or statement…”That is so much work, how long does that take you??”

A: Taking out driving time to and from the grocery store – about 3 hours. Literally 3 h-o-u-r-s. Instead of wasting about an hour each day thinking about what to have and the time put into making it…meal prepping is clearly the answer to me!

Q: “How do you plan out your meals?”

A: Check out the “Tips & Tricks” below – Pinterest sister!

Q: “Does your food actually stay fresh all week?”

A: It depends on what you make! For example, if I am making a salad with some wet and some dry toppings, I will pack them separately then throw them together the day of. This prevents some ingredients from getting soggy – ew. Other than those scenarios, my food stays fresh all week!

Q: “How much does that cost? Every time I eat ‘healthy’ I swear its way more expensive!!”

A: Okay, this may blow your mind, but I literally spend $30 a week! But, I also am 5′ 4″ whereas my boyfriend on the other hand easily spends close to $100 a week but he is 6’2″ (LOL). So, if you shop smart and don’t over-buy you can actually save money and waste LESS food! Just look for deals 🙂

Tips & Tricks

  1. Pinterest is your b-e-s-t friend: This is honestly where most of my inspo comes from! It is so easy to search “healthy lunches” and + “easy” and boom…there is your new recipe for the week
  2. Plan it out – from grocery store to container: Babes this is seriously the key to having an easy, quick meal prep. Here is the way to do it: 1. Plan out what you want to make for week, take inventory of your kitchen, then write down what you need. 2. Organize your list in the order of the grocery store (this sounds crazy annoying but it saves sooooo much time!). 3. Lay out your containers and try (okay – this took me a couple of weeks to get down) to cook things at the same time…like when you are boiling rice, cut up your veggies or measure out your spices. Multitasking isn’t the easiest but it pays off once you get it down, and you will because you’re a badass.
  3. Have diversity in your meals – believe me when I say this…if you don’t switch it up each week, you will be bored of your food. Life is too short to eat boring food okay?! I usually make one breakfast, one lunch, and two dinner options. And I never make the same meal option two weeks in a row. Have fun, try new recipes, and get creative. This ensures you eat your food that your prepped and enjoy it.

Show-And-Tell Time

Okay, so to kick this off, I have added a free download of my top three breakfast, lunch and dinner meal prep ideas! Try them out and share them with us on any of our social media by tagging #thesassygirlproject #sassygirlmealprep

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