10 Tips to Happy Vibes

Top 10 ways to shift your blah to happy

Hey babe! Let’s get real sis. We all face challenges, big and small, and it’s about dang time we take control of them. I want to share with you my top 10 no-joke ways to help shift blah vibes into happy vibes.


This is no “quick-fix” checklist that will instantly solve your problems – but it is a list of building blocks you can work with. We all face challenges, that’s what makes life, well, life, am I right? But instead of facing them blindly and letting them control us, I wanted to help you shift the energy. I want you to be in control babe!

Rock It.

No matter how hard life throws yah around – you can check-in with this list and find something to help you through. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s not supposed to be! Time to dig deep. Let’s do this. Rock that messy bun, grab your cup of coffee, and get to it sis.

Top 10 List:

  1. Avoid playing the blame game – take responsibility for all the challenges you meet.  If you blame some-one or some-thing else, you’re giving them/it all the control! If you take the issue into your own hands, the ball is now in your court, own it.
  2. Paint a new picture – so, you know when you’re really upset about something and all you can do is replay it in your head over and over again? (uuugh) Well, it’s time to re-paint that scene.  Every time you re-play that cringe-worthy bit, you feed into those feelings. You get so caught up in your your bad memories that you ruin your “now”. Have some fun with it – make it a cartoon, change the tone of the voices, make it black and white, basically do whatever you can to make that memory less of a reality! Make it feel unrealistic – not part of your narrative anymore.
  3. Recognize the lessons – everybody deals with problems, right? But how you react and use that problem is the real key. Start looking at every problem as a life lesson. This way you can discover your resilience and not your defeat.
  4. Talk it out….maybe – most of the time people say its good to talk things out, but sometimes? its better to think through it with yourself first. Try to seek answers within yourself first before taking on the opinions of others. When you are ready, shift your mood (make sure you are in a “middle ground” kinda space), and have a constructive conversation – not an explosive one!
  5. Tick-Tock – News flash! Your problems won’t last forever.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but life moves on. It’s your choice to move with it or not. S.i.m.p.l.e.
  6. Have useful conversation – (the other side of #4) sometimes an outsider’s perspective is all you need to open your mind up. Find a neutral person, who is willing to listen, and can give you the good and, more importantly, the bad. Try to stay open – it is so easy to get defensive, but seriously try to keep your emotions to a minimum. You asked them to help you, so respect them for taking that time to listen!
  7. Consider solutions – notice that solutions is plural! When have you ever faced something with one solution? Oh wait, never. Think big picture! Try to walk through a couple different approaches then pick the one you think will have the best outcome.
  8. Know you’re not alone – Again, sorry to burst your bubble, but someone else has probably gone through the same hardship you are going through.  Seek out how they got through it and test the waters. It could help you find the end of that gloomy tunnel faster than if you adventured alone.
  9. Go with your gut – I know this is scary sometimes, but it truly is a real thing. Now, I am not saying to throw your logic out the window here, but if you have a deep sensation – go with it! Our mind gut-connection is strong than you think! (check out this podcast for some interesting content of the strength of our mind-gut connection!)
  10. Let go when it’s time – do not and I repeat DO NOT let painful events in your life shape everything you do.  When you forgive people who have caused pain in your life, you surrender negativity and regain your emotional freedom! Get back to living by say goodbye to feeling stuck! This is more than likely the toughest on the list, but the reward is incredible. Give it a go, babe!


You made it! How are you feeling? Empowered? Nervous? Excited? It’s okay if you don’t know, that’s what we are here for. Let’s navigate this. Grab that journal of yours and start to write/draw it out. Start with an emotional map for the week (jot down a smiley/frowny/what-ever-face describes your feelings) and figure out where your weak points are!

I hope you have an amazing weekend. And, as always…

Stay Sassy,


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