Women Empower X #WEX

Women Empower X #WEX


Last Saturday, May 15, 2019, I attended one of the best women’s empowerment conferences – the Women Empower Expo! Alexa Carlin (the founder and creator of #WEX) spoke at my University this past fall and I fell in love with everything about her. The way she spoke, her dedication to something larger than herself, and her “want” for something more. After she was done with her key note, I may or may not have sprinted over to her. I gave her the biggest hug and said “I AM coming to your conference.” At the time, I didn’t know when it was, where it was, or if I could budget for it, but I knew I would make it happen. And, I did! Now I want to share it with you!

Biggest Take Aways from #WEX 2019

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Money Talk: Let’s Get Those Sales Sis

I loved this session because I can easily apply everything to my personal business and my corporate career! Sweet, huh? I want to share with you the top five mistakes we all make (and how true they are…ew).

  1. Stealth Mode – Let people know you exist! You can’t just pop out of no where and except sales or a raise! Talk about what you are doing – and be proud of it.
  2. Hiding Behind Your Screen – No matter how much online sales increases each year, people like people! Get out there and talk to people. You might have the best work ethic and product, but that doesn’t matter if people don’t know, like, and trust you. That bond occurs best face to face.
  3. Don’t Learn How to Sell – you have no excuse to not learn how to sell! Selling a product or selling yourself, it is a skill that you can learn. Go out and work on it!
  4. Shotgun Approach – The shotgun approach is a BIG no no. This is when you use every tactic in your tool box, but can never figure out which one is actually working! Test out one or two sales tactics and collect data, what works and what doesn’t. This prevents you from burn out – work smarter not harder babe!
  5. Not Enough Sales Time – we never spend enough time selling each week. Whether that be a product, service, or your personal brand. Spend more time cultivating relationships that turn into dollar signs!

2. Telling The Story of You…

First myth to bust: Your story doesn’t need to have a tragic, life altering moment, it just needs to be yours!

First Fact: No matter who you are, you are facing struggles each and everyday. Embrace them, share them, let the world know your human. But also let the world know that you’re a total #bossbabe and can handle it.

Sharing these struggles helps those you follow you feel like they “got this” too. Always embrace your story because it’s all about you and that’s the best part. Always believe in your story and always believe in shifting your story into your ideal life. Have fun and experience the world babe!

3. Get Out There!

Get yourself out there sis. Find conferences and networking events near you! My personal favorite is venturing to new coffee shops and dropping my business card just about everywhere (oops). But seriously, we can grow a stronger connection to those we serve by being present – like in human, face-to-face. Scary, I know! But once you make that connection the ROI emotionally is insane. Make that list and check it off babe. You deserve to push the needle further every. single. day.

Overview – 10/10

The energy, decor, and those in attendance made this conference exactly what I was hoping for. Whether you just need some boss babe energy or want to launch your business, #WEX is for you! Check out their website here. I am not paid to say any of this, I promise, I just genuinely want you to experience the life-altering feeling of the conference.

Have an amazing weekend! Don’t forget to check out our new store HERE.

Stay Sassy,

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