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We all go through it, we all know the emotional roller coaster, the pain, the aches, the “eff it I’m staying in bed for the rest of the week” feelings, am I right? So, lets talk about it. Yep. We are talking about your not so favorite time of the month. Time to talk about some girl things.

I’m here to help you start to navigate what is going on in your body so we can understand how to treat ourselves for optimal health and happiness during, you know, thaaat time of the month. **sighs & eye rolls totally welcome **

How to go with the flow…literally.

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PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome sucks, am I right ladies?! Its the culprit for all the crap we go through right before our period. The cramps, bloating, anxiety, the sleepiness, and so much more.

It seems like PMS is the only thing we talk about or truly understand. But, what I am here to tell you, is you don’t just go through PMS, your hormones are fluctuating all. month. long. So, lets figure out what is going on so we can crush every day of the month!

If we can start to understand what is going on, we can take control and be a badass everyday. We can figure out when to push ourselves and when to chill out.

The Three Main Phases

Our hormones really have a mind of their own. We all joke about it, but lets get down to business sister! You will find our cycle looked at two ways – 1. in three phases and 2. in four phases. I’m breaking down the three phases because its easier to understand!

The Follicular Phase – All Smiles Babe!

This is more than likely the part where you are your happiest. This starts when you actually start your period. You get this good-vibe phase for about two weeks (hell yeah sis!). The hormone we can thank for this energy is called estradiol. Although we may have the occasional cramp or back ache, this week is a-okay when it comes to our hormones. So, get your heating pad out and deal girlfriend – its time to deal and get work done.

What to do: Enjoy the high on life feeling and take care of yourself! Try to optimize your time at work so when you’re not feeling so hot you can cut yourself some slack.

Usually this is a good time to be in a dreamer state! Check out Head Stuck in The Clouds?

The Ovulatory Phase – Feeling like a Queen

We always feel more attractive during this part of our monthly cycle (Love this time). You know that week when you just check yourself out more and give yourself a little more hype? That’s your luteinizing hormone rising! This is when you start to ovulate, have increased levels of libido (yes, that is your sex drive) and a higher pain tolerance. I mean, if this isn’t your fav week every month then we need to talk babe (DM me).

What to do: Take care of yourself and try to be in control of your body. Ride the confidence train girlfriend! Again, use this energy to optimize everything you do because we all know when that anxiety hits us, it hits us hard. Prep yourself by eating right and working out.

The Luteal Phase – Ugggh

Yep. That bitch is back. Our Progesterone is taking over! So its time for the moodiness and stress and getting ready for our period physically…and mentally. This phase is usually focused on if you are trying to get pregnant, but recently The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recently said the menstrual cycle is the “fifth vital sign.” Basically, its becoming more apparent that the luteal phase can reflect a lot about your overall health (like your blood pressure and breathing behavior).

What to do: Eat healthy food, have a balanced diet (sorry don’t overindulge in that chocolate craving), exercising and get some sleep! If you feel like your luteal phase is short, try to focus on your vitamin C intake or talk to your doctor.

So babes, at the end of the day, try to zone in on what your body is telling you. We can’t get rid of this so we should understand it and dominate it…am I right? No more excuses – its time to care about yourself on a new level and kill it all month long.

This has helped me so much in my day-to-day, but overall, babes, just take care of yourself mentally and physically!

Have a happy weekend babes!!!

Stay Sassy,


This post is just my interpretation of research I have completed. The blog is not intended to be, and should not be construed as a substitute for, medical or healthcare advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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