Head Stuck in the Clouds?

Are people telling you that your head is stuck in the clouds, in that beautiful dreamer state? Well good. Stay there. Dream forever girlfriend! Lets turn those dreams into reality.

We all get lost in the dreaming stage, am I right? I mean I do every day! I create these beautiful visions of new ideas. But, how do we get these dreams into our reality? How do we live our dream?

It is so hard to take action on these day dreams when we feel like we have a million other things to do! Study, go to work, take care of the kiddos, cleaning up the house, or anything else that occupies our day. So lets dream big and execute even bigger!

How to: Dreams >>> Realities

Here are five steps to getting you on track to your dreams. I love dreaming but I love doing way more. So, lets get to it sassy girls…

1. Set Realistic and Unrealistic Goals (No Limits Babe)

Okay so you completely deserve to dream with no cap – with the feeling that nothing can stop you. But before we talk about those “no limit” kind of dreams, lets talk about setting realistic goals.

Realistic Goals – These are confidence boosters ladies!

  • Plan out goals that you know you can crush!
  • They set you up for the “unrealistic goals”
  • They ignite your motivation and keep the ball rolling!
  • You can more specific with these types of goals
  • the big word…commitment. You will find it easier to commit to these babies!

Unrealistic Goals – These goals are my favorite…many will argue that its silly to set unrealistic goals – but I’m here to bust that myth!

  • You may not notice it, but when you dream BIG you are starting to get over your fear of failing. You aren’t setting limits on what you can accomplish and that is beautiful
  • You know when I said that realistic goals are confidence builders? Well think about that moment when you do accomplish an unrealistic goal. You will literally feel invincible…a total badass.
  • They push you out of your comfort zone – making you push your effort and dedication to a new level

2. Write Them Down

Okay, I know that you have heard this a million times, but write them down sis! And don’t stop there – make vivid descriptions, draw it out, find a photo relating to it. Make every dream, realistic and unrealistic, so vivid that anyone could see it and believe in it! Seriously, neuroscience proves that writing your dreams down makes a huge difference.

People who very vividly describe or picture their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals than people who don’t. – Forbes

Here are three reasons why it sticks so well:

  1. Easy Access – keep all your dreams in a journal so you know exactly where to find them! Its convenient and you’ll visit them more when they are easy to find.
  2. Visual Cue – the more you see it, the more you remember it! Put them everywhere! Maybe on the fridge, by your desk, or on your night stand. Make them look pretty so you feel excited to read them.
  3. The “Generation Effect”* – this is when you generate an original idea, it’s not an idea that has already been created. Think about when you were in school and you to memorize a term. I’m sure you found it way easier to make your own version versus memorizing the word-for-word description in the dictionary. Basically, you create the dream then you “re”generate it by writing it down on paper. When you do this you create the generation effect not just once, but twice, oh yeah girlfriend! You trigger it when you create the idea in your mind, then you reiterate it by jotting it down.

3. Break it Down

Baby steps girl! Don’t just break down your dreams into steps, but apply deadlines to these steps . No matter how small, make steps towards your goal(s) every day! Be so intentional with your daily routines that reaching your goals is inevitable. No one reaches unrealistic goals without putting in effort each and every day – overtime, the small steps add up!

If you really believe in your dream you should make a timeline. But, make sure this timeline has a little lenience, or a little “give” because, well, life happens, am I right? Always map it out, even if you get a little off track it is always there to remind you to get back on and keep pushing to your dreams. The best part about creating this map or timeline is that it can help you create tasks that you need to complete periodically (daily, weekly, etc.).

For example, if you want to read a new book every month, make sure you sit down every day and read for a minimum amount of time.

I like to write it all on my calendar and post it on my bulletin board! Keeps my timeline visible and easy to access (sound familiar? LOL)

4. Make Room for it

We only have so many hours in a day, so much attention to give, and so much energy to exert. We need to make sure we intentionally allocate our resources to things we want to see grow in our lives. You should be scarce with your resources lady, we only have so much to give! Most importantly, sometimes we need to evaluate how much time we spend doing tasks each day…maybe not all of these things are contributing to us. Those “things” that are not contributing need to go bye-bye, like NOW.

When I feel like I’n not reaching my goals I do this exercise:

For a week straight you need to record everything you do in a day, and how much time you spend doing it. And I mean everything – how long it takes you to get ready (or just get out of bed…how many times do you hit snooze girlfriend?), when and how long you eat, how much time you spend on social media, and everything in-between. Once you see this mapped out for a week, I’m sure you’ll make some adjustments.

We all make time for our priorities, so write out your priorities and accept the fact that they might look much different now than they did even two months ago. And that is totally okay! Make that change fearlessly – you do not owe anyone a reason or a justification because this is about you, for you!

5. Look for Small Wins & Never Stop the Momentum

We never give ourselves props for what we have accomplished, especially as women! I think its time to change this. If we look for positives in little things, like staying on track with our daily tasks, we can reach our goals more efficiently. You need to get the ball rolling on good vibes that give you energy to keep grinding towards your goals!

My favorite small win everyday is making my bed and getting a cup of joe. I know that if I fail at everything else during the day, I made my bed and had a badass cup of coffee with myself, and for that, I’m thankful. Live in abundance and the world will return the favor.

If you need some energy to keep your momentum going, check out our blog all about mantras and affirmations…Talk it Out Baby

Go Get ’em Babe!

Get your messy bun ready, brew some coffee, and go for it! Do it for you and because you know you can. Be proud, but never satisfied! I can’t wait to see how big you dream and how gracefully you accomplish each and every one.

This is where our big dreams become even bigger realities…so what are you waiting for? Go get ’em babe!

Stay Sassy,


*For more on the generation effect check out this study: The Generation Effect: Activating Broad Neural Circuits During Memory Encoding

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